Saturday, March 30, 2013

A3 pages

Here we go!

First pass done. I think. The presentation is made up of two A3 pages put together:
...but it can be divided up into two pages, too:
I might swap out some of the concept art for final renders once they're done. Seeing it like this I'm also not sure about the green background for the "Creatures" section, so I might change that riiiight now!


  1. Looking good. I agree that the green background behind the Creatures text needs changing as it interferes with the flow of the border.

  2. Not sure about the scroll for the initial description as it is on it's own as an image. I like the tab coming in from the side, such as featured in 'audience'.

  3. The PDF is expressing the concept in a visual nutshell.
    I think that you probably need to create more of the environment than
    you currently have to show your portfolio work for this project.
    A couple more dioramas like you already have would do the trick.
    Does this seem feasible for you?
    The reason I suggest this is that the real attraction of this concept is the combination of
    A resurgence of Handmade and homemade crafted products
    combined with charming digital imagery.
    In my view, For this to have the impact it deserves, it needs a few more diverse examples of how the
    environment might look and work with the creatures.