Sunday, May 5, 2013

Done, done and...done?

It's kind of weird, but think I've finished this project... Hooray! All the progress images, PDFs, presentations and renders have been painstakingly collected (special thanks to Maya for crashing every ten minutes at four in the morning <3) and updated, and I think it's all good to go.

This project has been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed it SO MUCH. The visuals are right up my street and the cuteness of it all has made it a very positive project to work on. I think I set out to do what I wanted, which was to improve my 3D skills to the point where I can generate my own assets for game prototypes. I created lots of 2D placeholder art at Blitz when we didn't have an artist, which obviously was a huge help, and I'd like to think I'd be able to do the same thing with 3D assets now. Overall I'm quite pleased with this project (if I might say so myself...); I've improved tons and had a lot of fun. 

Sooo, unless anything major comes up, this is me signing off! As an extra cute way of ending this blog, here's a little jackalope baby:
Dawwwh. :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Otters everywhere

Otter steps:
I sketched this on paper; something I don't do enough. It's always so much easier...

Some reference images:
I'll obviously hand all this in, but I figured I'd post it here too just for the sake of it.

Foxes in fall

I wanted to do something autumny and something with a fox, and this is I ended up with. I like it! The whole keeping-it-loose-and-lovely thing went out the window pretty quickly though... OH WELL. I'd like to think it's still charming, just in a different way.

Some steps (huge image; right click and choose "view image" to view a bigger version):
And some reference images:
How GORGEOUS is that illustration from Fantastic Mr Fox?! Gaaah...

I'm going to post some steps and references for the otter image next. I have a bunch of refs and WIPs lying around; just haven't gotten around to putting them on a little sheet yet.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Degree show banner

I decided to include this project in my banner for the degree show! Ta-daa:
I need another render of the bunny in the lower right to match the angle in the concept, and I might add the third little diorama once I manage to finish it. But I quite like it, I think.