Saturday, January 26, 2013


Some sketches:

A littil bunnywabbit! With antlers!
A bit of botany. I like the mushroom!
Aaand a TINY scene sketch.
I've downloaded and installed Maya today (CRAZY big file size...) and I'm thinking that I should use it to mock up the scene layout with chunky, simple models, rather than sketch in Photoshop. I kind of know what I want in the scene, such as:

One small creature (jackalope)
One bigger creature (fox/lynx/deer/squirrel/raccoon/bear?)

Flowers (wild)
Flowers (potted/planted)
Cotton plants

Background elements
Sun (rays?)

...etc. So it should be possible for me to create really rough versions of these in Maya and arrange them into a nicely composed scene, and then paint over it.

It's just that I've always been quite horrible at drawing environments and starting with a 3D block-out would help me visualise the scene rather than the individual elements. I used that workflow to create this image back in 1st year (awwh, memories) and it would have been all sorts of awful without the 3D base... But I actually still like it!

Let's just hope I still remember how to use Maya... Eeek!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some inspiration...

...can be found on my Pinterest board here! I'm looking at crafted creatures at the moment and I'm currently thinking I should model some kind of bird/squirrel/bunny or another small creature, as well as something bigger. I adore owls, foxes, deer, raccoons, lynx... So maybe something along those lines.

Oh! I just realised: when I did my Mythical Creatures research I fell in love with jackalopes. Bunnies with antlers? Best ever. Right. I'm modelling a jackalope. And maybe something bigger. Sketches and more research tomorrow!

I mean... Come on! My head explodes just looking at this. From this thread. (Jillybeans, 2011)

Full reference:
Jillybeans (2011). Jackalope Stuffie!!
Last accessed 22nd Jan 2013

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Introducing Meadow

New blog, new module, new year! Whooosh! Exciting stuff :)

I thought I'd start by posting the BEAUTIFUL design doodles from Tuesday's class. Excuse the depressing scans!

Ideas for the game and the cross-platform functionality.

Small doodles for the art style/3D scene.

Nailing down the compulsion loop and project work.
I turned one of the little doodles into a bigger drawing in Photoshop, yay!
I've turned all this into a fancy PowerPoint presentation which can be found here. It outlines the game idea, the cross-platform functionality, the compulsion loop as well as the project work proposal.

I want to start modelling as soon as possible because it's been an absolute ETERNITY since I even touched Maya, so once this is greenlit I'll start gathering some references and get cracking on the concepts!