Thursday, January 10, 2013

Introducing Meadow

New blog, new module, new year! Whooosh! Exciting stuff :)

I thought I'd start by posting the BEAUTIFUL design doodles from Tuesday's class. Excuse the depressing scans!

Ideas for the game and the cross-platform functionality.

Small doodles for the art style/3D scene.

Nailing down the compulsion loop and project work.
I turned one of the little doodles into a bigger drawing in Photoshop, yay!
I've turned all this into a fancy PowerPoint presentation which can be found here. It outlines the game idea, the cross-platform functionality, the compulsion loop as well as the project work proposal.

I want to start modelling as soon as possible because it's been an absolute ETERNITY since I even touched Maya, so once this is greenlit I'll start gathering some references and get cracking on the concepts!


  1. You have gathered all the necessary information and ideas together that you need to make a start on your concept and design work and begin some 3d modelling now. Your concept has the 'charm' factor that cross platform/mobile games thrive on and it is highly marketable and very feasible as a futures project due to it's recognition of the updating of craft-ware and 'make do and mend' trend which is building momentum at the moment and is promising to take hold in a big way over the next few years of recession. Not only that but the user input from customization, the social nature of sharing and co-operative play and above all the promise of an exquisite and colourful visual world that evolves and morphs is all SO exciting. So GO Girl...this could be really brilliant! I'm so excited to see more and witness your first 3d models for the game. The art style you have demonstrated in the PowerPoint is perfect for it in my view. Also see the work of Sabime Timm which is quite quirky and also, Neither are the right style, as the one you have illustrated yourself is more suitable...but you might find some powerful inspiration here.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Bev! I'm so glad you like it! LOVE the links too, so quirky and cute.

      I'll start getting some references together next week (I'll post them on Pinterest and here, referenced and linked) and then start sketching out the scene. I'm really quite excited about this project :D

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  2. Will look forward to seeing your sketches and pins. The potential for this project is awesome :)