Saturday, January 26, 2013


Some sketches:

A littil bunnywabbit! With antlers!
A bit of botany. I like the mushroom!
Aaand a TINY scene sketch.
I've downloaded and installed Maya today (CRAZY big file size...) and I'm thinking that I should use it to mock up the scene layout with chunky, simple models, rather than sketch in Photoshop. I kind of know what I want in the scene, such as:

One small creature (jackalope)
One bigger creature (fox/lynx/deer/squirrel/raccoon/bear?)

Flowers (wild)
Flowers (potted/planted)
Cotton plants

Background elements
Sun (rays?)

...etc. So it should be possible for me to create really rough versions of these in Maya and arrange them into a nicely composed scene, and then paint over it.

It's just that I've always been quite horrible at drawing environments and starting with a 3D block-out would help me visualise the scene rather than the individual elements. I used that workflow to create this image back in 1st year (awwh, memories) and it would have been all sorts of awful without the 3D base... But I actually still like it!

Let's just hope I still remember how to use Maya... Eeek!

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  1. Your list is useful, although maybe 3 creatures would just add that extra variety of species. One could have a different 'look' as though from another user, perhaps? The 2d drawings visualize the look and feel well although the dark line tends to flatten and would give a 'heavier' look if added in the 3d environment, whereas the current 'light quality' of the style is pleasing.
    Visualizing the scene in 3D is fine but I think you still need to concept the modular assets in 2D as this demonstrates a good work flow and development.