Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A little update

Right, I've finished the lil' creatures. Hooray!

Here's the bear:

And its texture:


Now, this is rendering oddly... See that line down the side of the ear? It's not supposed to be there. It's not in the texture and it doesn't show up in Maya. It just renders like that. :(

No idea what's going on there. Hmm. Anyway, here's the texture:

I've also started working on the scene. The animals now have a home as opposed to an empty Maya scene, and I've textured the hill:

I've made some TINY changes to the PDF, too. I was going to add some renders of the 3D models but I kind of like the creature concepts... While the models look quite polished the concepts are a little bit rough - in a good way - which seems to fit the presentation better.

Download the PDF here!

I want to finish the rest of the scene as soon as possible and then do some environment drawings. I need to figure out how to sort out that tree...Not a big fan of the blobby pink placeholder circles.


  1. I'd need to see the Maya file to shed some light on the seam issue in the render. Are the edges of the mesh hard at that point?
    Creatures are both looking good now.
    I agree your concepts are currently more fitting than the 3d models, but I still think you need to include some additional 3d renders in your pdf otherwise it's not representing the product with full accuracy. If I was buying the game, I'd want to see the gorgeous soft quality of the concepts echoed in the game itself. At the moment, that's virtually there with the creatures, but not so with the environments. You need to aim for the same hand drawn softness in your 3d model as there is in your original concept of the little moose by the tree. It seems to me that you need to approach the drawing of the texturing in the same way as you did the concept art. Use the same drawing method, but simply make the drawing flat in texture format. So your patchwork would be the same soft greens with subtle texture patterns and your tree would look like the one in the concept, with lovely fluffy pink blossom. At the moment it feels cartoon-like in style and rather harsh in execution and colour.

  2. In connection with the pdf file.
    This is now working much better and is much more fresh and light in feel which matches the subject more appropriately.
    The tree looks good with the folds and semi translucent quality and the paper feel is in keeping with the hand crafted approach. Well done for persevering. I would just move the bunny over to the right a little and down a little, as I feel he's not so prominent as he needs to be at the moment.
    I think the photos work well and the change of style doesn't worry me. I think it links your playful concept with a feel of the real world, which is good.
    Try to add the words 'feasible for the near future' somewhere into your justification or something along those lines.
    Would be charming to add a baby version of the bunny here, next to his Mum. Just scale bunny down and make a few very minor adjustments, maybe a different pattern on his ears to emphasise the genetic changes that are possible.
    Maybe add a small colour wheel inside here, cut into pie shapes with the odd fabric texture on 2 or 3 of them ?