Saturday, April 27, 2013

Environment drawing

With title...

...and without. Not sure about the tagline. Hmm.
And some progress:
Phew! Stumbling into bed now...

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  1. Although this is quite a bright and appealing image in it's own right, I feel that it's strayed quite far away from the original concept style which had a lot more charm and whimsy. See your introductory image posted on Thursday, January 10, 2013. For me , this style is far more unique and personal to you, whereas the image above seems much more generic. For me, if you are not planning to do much more 3d work, I would use your original style in 2d to create a few more concepts. I would like to see two more hillocks like the first one you did, but each different from one another in decor, fabric, accessories and the creature that they attract. That would help to show how the world changes and looks different depending on user activity. At the moment this isn't coming across strongly enough in your portfolio work for the project.It would take too long to produce these in 3d at this stage, but "D should be more achievable.