Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Scene update

Carried on with the scene today:

I've desaturated the grass, sorted out the tree and made the rocks more papery. Also did a little paper cactus thing. These are just Maya printscreens because all the textures are still PSDs and won't render... Bah. More props next! Oh, and the layout of the scene isn't final in any way. It's a bit all over the place at the moment...

Cactus design by Papercraft Central (2009).
Full reference:

Papercraft Central (2009) Paper Model – Cactus Plant.
Last accessed 23rd April 2013


  1. I agree that the grass looks better with less saturation and is looking a little closer to the original concept, which is the image that works best for me so far. Maybe you should look really closely at that image and just aim to reproduce the hill in 3d as it is in the drawing? The hill itself is more of a dome and you've used pentagon shaped hand drawn patchwork with a variety of green and lemon patches, which work beautifully, also the patch scale is slightly larger than here.
    I'm not convinced that this is a better tree. It feels less delicate and the angularity feels rather dominant and out of place. So sorry, but I prefer the view in the upper pic but the trunk in the lower pic looks awkward to me.