Thursday, April 25, 2013

Paper taking over

The patchwork hill was really bothering me; I liked the idea, but it was far too busy. I've changed it to something more papery-looking, and I think it looks a lot better. However, I'm worried that the style is moving away from the patchwork aesthetic... But on the other hand, the paper look still falls under crafting. Hmm. Hope it's OK. I'll make sure that the environment drawings I do have some patchwork in them.

I've also made some non-papery mushrooms:


  1. I agree that this ground looks better than the earlier square patchwork but it seems that you've also rounded off the shape of the hill, which feels like an improvement, or is that my imagination? Mushrooms are charming. The tree still laks charm for me, although it may work better if you make the trunk more elegant , as in original concept, and use a softer colour on the foliage? paper look works OK, but if you don't want to use the patchwork texture, why not trt a gradient material (ramp shader) on the ground and another on the tree? If it's subtle and gets picked up by the lighting to create a variety of tones on each polygon, that would work a treat.

  2. I've done a very rough example of a ramp-shader material applied to a triangulated and smoothed dodecahedron with sharpened edges to show you the sort of thing. See: